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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

DOM Group AG

DOM Group AG manages the portfolios of several clients and a family office in Switzerland. Our goal is to outperform while at the same time we protect and nurture each client’s portfolio in line with their investment and risk profile. The selected investment strategies are then implemented, helping to remove the emotion from investment decisions.




The first step is to fully understand each client’s needs. We lean towards passive investment strategies with broad diversification and cost efficient implementation - this is key to achieving satisfactory risk adjusted returns. We also employ active techniques (primary in the alternative space) with excellent risk return ratios. As we constantly trade and monitor the markets during each trading day as a financial intermediary, we can actively capitalise on opportunities as they arise.


Risk management is an essential part of asset management. Professional expertise, diversification, and a comprehensive knowledge of the market are fundamentally important in controlling risk. Our risk management actively monitors the limits of the investment strategy. Clients are able to monitor the development of their investment portfolio and see the major risk indicators at all times.


Contact us directly to arrange a discussion with our portfolio management team.

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