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"Every change brings progress, standstill is a step backwards"

DOM Group AG

About us

Dom Group AG is a financial intermediary and an asset manager based in Switzerland, DOM established itself rapidly as a leader of independent brokerage for equity & index derivatives in Switzerland and aimed to be a leading company in asset management for private persons and family offices.

During the last years, we have added more significant partners to our network in order to constantly improve the quality of our work and ensure that our services meet the requirements of today´s and future standards.

DOM Group AG is named after the Dom mountain in Switzerland. At 4,545m above sea level, the Dom is the third highest mountain in the Alps, and the highest mountain that stands fully inside Switzerland. We named our company after this beautiful peak to symbolise how our aim is to provide the pinnacle of service in Switzerland in what we do. 

Our office is located close to the city of Zurich, one of the world’s major financial centres for banking, asset management, and trading. Standing on the shores of Lake Zurich, it is Switzerland’s largest city with almost one sixth of the country’s population and regularly comes in the top rated cities worldwide for standards of living.

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Steve Thom

Steve Thom was appointed as the CEO in February 2016. From February 2009 to 2015 Steve was manager for the Zurich Branch of AFS Equity and Derivatives.
Steve has an equity derivatives background. From 2000 to 2009 he worked for HSBC, WGZ Bank & UBS, his last role being associate director exchange traded derivatives.
Steve is founder (2016) and managing partner of DOM Group AG.

Florian Siegrist
Managing Director

Florian Siegrist joined the company in April 2016 as managing director and founding partner of DOM Group AG. From 2009 until 2015 Florian was deputy branch manager for AFS Equity and Derivatives Zurich Branch.
Florian has deep & long-term knowledge in equity & index derivatives. From 1998 until 2009 he worked for UBS AG in Basel & UBS Investment Bank Opfikon.

Darius Kny, CFA
Chairman of the Board

Darius Kny has over 10 years of experience in treasury and asset management. Previously he was one of the investment advisor of the Syngenta Pension fund and was responsible for the corporate’s global liquidity management. Besides that he is a founding partner of DOM Group AG and has raised capital for private biotech companies and acted as their advisor. Darius is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has a master degree in finance of the University of Basel.

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